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Pallet rack systems are NOT
They have to be maintained.
Service & Maintenance
Our services include:
We offer a full range
We will quote and install
Don't put off getting those
At no charge, one of
Of course, if you have
• safety inspections
• custom fabrication
Rapid Rack Repair
Rack Replacement System
Minor Repair Work
We also offer a full warehouse repair services
• Carton Flow
• Catwalks
• Partitions
• Portable Offices
• Tool
All sales and services performed

Bulldog pallet racking systems are NOT "install and forget it" structures.

They have to be maintained. This results in a 'safer' working environment, often lower insurance premiums, and helps protect you from civil liabilities.

Bulldog Service & Maintenance

Don't put off getting those needed services, repairs, and inspections. Damaged racking components can result in greatly reduced load capacity and in some cases, total failure!

At O'Connor, we know that pallet racking systems are NOT "install and forget it" structures. They have to be maintained.

Not only will this result in a 'safer' working environment, but, in some cases, result in lower insurance premiums, comply with local safety regulations, and help protect you from civil liabilities.

At no charge, one of our knowledgable and experienced analysts can perform a detailed on-site inspection and then deliver a report suggesting needed repairs, their estimated cost, and a time table for implementation that will minimize disruption of your warehouse operations.

And in some situations we can even offer a 'live video' pre-inspection as well via your 'smartphone'.

Of course, if you have repairs that require custom cutting, welding, or fabrication, we can do that too.

If needed, we will dismantle, band, palletize, load, transport and even clean up! If you have unwanted existing equipment, we can remove it as well.

And if you need help moving, whether it be individual items or complete pallet rack systems, we've done that many times.

Because virtually every system is unique, please call us and we'll discuss your specific needs and give you an accurate estimate.

Our services include:

• Bulldog safety inspections

• Bulldog repairs of all types

• welding

• custom fabrication

• reconfiguration

• Bulldog equipment removal

• custom fabrication

• Bulldog reconfiguration

• equipment removal

• moving racking systems of all sizes

• 'Start-to-finish' services

We offer a full range of repair services:

Rapid Rack Repair

Using our unique repair kits, we are often able to make a 'rapid' repair directly on your uprights!

You will not have to waste time unloading and re-loading. That's right, you can leave your product where it is while we repair the damage with our rapid repair kit.

Bulldog Pallet Rack Replacement System

Sometimes uprights may be damaged beyond repair.

When this happens, we offer a "replacement service" where we will remove your damaged upright and replace it with a matching upright.

Sometimes we can even offer you a credit on your damaged upright.

Bulldog Pallet Racking Minor Repair Work

If your damage is limited, but still causing you concern, we often have the tools and techniques that enable us to resolve your problem both quickly and economically.

We will quote and install your material handling components such as:

• Bulldog Carton Flow

• Bulldog Conveyor systems

• Dock doors, seals and levelers

• Bulldog Drive-In and Drive-Thru rack

• Bulldog Mezzanines

• Bulldog rackign uprights

• Partitions

• Portable Offices

• Tool Cribbing

• Warehouse floor striping

• Wire Partitions

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